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10.1" IPS HD Display | TÜV Rheinland Low Blue Light Certification
Quad Core RK3562 Processor | Anti-allergic Liquid Silicone Case

10.1" IPS HD Display
TÜV Rheinland Low Blue Light Certification
Quad Core RK3562 Processor
Anti-allergic Liquid Silicone Case

10.1" IPS HD Display
Multiple Modes

Anti-allergic Liquid
Silicone Case

Wi-Fi 6

- 5MP Main Camera
- 2MP Front Camera

TÜV SÜD Blue Light
Quad Core RK3562

Design for Kids

- Kids World
- Built-in Draw App

Android 13
Bluetooth Keyboard

1024-level Capacitive Pressure Stylus

Widevine L1 Support


(3GB+Up to 4GB Extended RAM)


(Expansion Up to 1TB)

High-quality Smart-PA Speaker

5060mAh Large Battery

Split Screen

10.1" IPS HD Display

Experience the Next Level of immersive

Step into a realm of boundless possibilities with the DOOGEE U9 KID tablet. Designed to revolutionize your perspective, its strikingly vivid and ultra-high definition display transcends reality, enveloping you in an immersive world of breathtaking visuals. Unleashing a symphony of vibrant hues and seamless transitions, this tablet breathes life into your senses, leaving you rejuvenated and captivated.






million Colors


Aspect Ratio

300 Nit


More Professional,
More Attractive

The DOOGEE U9 KID tablet’s IPS screen with the aspect ratio of 16:10 makes it perfect to meet your visual needs. Whether you're using it for entertainment purposes or productivity tasks, the tablet's bright and clear display will impress you hardly.

16.7 Million Colors

Featuring an impressive range of 16.7 million colors and a color gamut designed to provide precise and vibrant color reproduction, the DOOGEE U9 KID tablet brings your images to life with stunning accuracy.

300nit Brightness

The DOOGEE U9 KID tablet boasts a user-friendly screen that excels in various lighting environments. Its high brightness of 300 cd/m² guarantees crisp and clear visuals, even under bright lighting conditions.

TÜV SÜD Blue Light Certification

Nurturing Curiosity with Enhanced Eye Safety

The DOOGEE U9 KID tablet is designed to be a trusted companion for kids, supporting their growth in various aspects. With the TÜV SÜD blue light certification, the tablet safeguards their precious eyes while fueling their curiosity about the world.

Widevine L1 Support

With the support of Widevine L1, the process of watching high-resolution videos has been revolutionized, making it incredibly easy and seamless. From streaming movies, binge-watching a new cartoons, you can experience crystal-clear visuals has never been more accessible.

Enhancing Comfort and Visibility with 3 Modes

Carefully crafted with three distinct modes in the DOOGEE U9 KID tablet, rest assured knowing that your little one's precious vision is safeguarded while using our tablet.

When you turn on the Dark Mode, everything on the screen becomes darker, which makes it easier on your eyes when you use the tablet in the dark or at night. It will make sure your eyes feel comfortable and relaxed!

Dark Mode

When you turn on the Eye Protection Mode, the U9 KID tablet takes extra care of your precious eyes. It reduces the blue light emitted from the screen. It makes sure that you can use the tablet for longer without feeling any eye strain.

Eye Protection Mode

When you turn on the Power Saving mode, the tablet becomes extra smart at saving energy. It reduces the power used by different activities, like apps running in the background or screen brightness. It makes sure the tablet stays charged up and ready for all your adventures!

Power Saving Mode

Quad Core Processor RK3562

Experience Powerful Processing and Uninterrupted Performance

Discover the remarkable performance of the DOOGE U9 KID, driven by the versatile quad core RK3562 processor. With its robust capabilities, rest assured that all your activities will be executed with utmost smoothness and efficiency.


Quad Code


Arm Cortex-A53 X4 2.0GHz

3GB RAM + 4GB Expansion Capability

Enhanced Memory Performance

Unlock a seamless multitasking experience with the DOOGEE U9 KID. With up to 7GB of RAM, you have the absolute power to handle multitasking and demanding apps seamlessly, guaranteeing uninterrupted smoothness every step of the way.

4GB Expansion Capability

64GB ROM + 1TB Expansion Storage

Store More of What You Love and Delete Less

The DOOGEE U9 KID tablet comes with 64GB storage built in for all your hi-resolution videos, photos, and files. You may expand it with a microSD card for even more storage — up to 1TB.


Base Storage


Expandable Memory

* 1TB TF card needs to be purchased separately.

Anti-allergic Liquid Silicone Case

Durable and Safe Design for Kids

Accidents happen, especially when it comes to children. That's why we have designed a reinforced protective silicone case for the DOOGEE U9 KID, ensuring its durability and drop-resistance capabilities. It is antiallergic, which is totally safe and comfortable to hold for kids.




Not easily

Cute Designs with Animal Elements

Height-adjustable holder

The DOOGEE U9 KID protective silicone case boasts an adorable design inspired by energetic natural animals. Beyond just looking cute, it encourages the nurturing of kids' creativity and curiosity. Additionally, this remarkable case features a height-adjustable holder, allowing children to effortlessly customize the height for a more comfortable and enjoyable digital experience.

Specially designed for Kids

The DOOGEE U9 KID tablet is meticulously crafted to provide an exceptional experience kids. With an innovative combination of top-notch hardware and user-friendly software, this tablet is not only durable and safe, but also sophisticated in its simplicity. We've created a tool that effortlessly transports your children to a captivating world brimming with educational opportunities and engaging entertainment, making learning a truly magical journey.

Kids World

With the Kids World in the DOOGEE U9 KID tablet, kids can embark on a journey filled with endless learning, entertainment, and tool programs, offering a diverse range of programs that cater to the curious minds of young users.

Discover the Kids World

Within the app, an impressive collection of learning programs awaits in 3 series, providing children with an opportunity to expand their knowledge and explore various subjects. To keep the lively spirit of kids alive, the app also offers various entertainment programs. These programs are designed to captivate and engage children through games, puzzles, and interactive storytelling. Aside from learning and entertainment, the Kids World app also introduce multiple tool programs that can prove to be incredibly handy. Parents can have peace of mind knowing that their children can enjoy a safe and controlled environment within the Kids World app.

* The Kids World only supports 36 kinds of languages, such as English, Korean, Spanish, Portuguese, Arabic, etc.

Parental Control in the Kids World

With the Kids World app, parents have the ability to create a secure environment for their children. By setting up app lock and exit prevention features, parents can be assured that their kids will only access the app and not accidentally exit to other applications.

Built-in Draw App

The Draw app is designed with two interactive features: painting and coloring. Not only can children creatively express themselves through vibrant artwork, but they can also store their masterpieces in the Album, making their own digital picture book.

Enhanced Draw App Utilizing Main and Front Cameras

The Draw app is designed with two interactive features: painting and coloring. Not only can children creatively express themselves through vibrant artwork, but they can also store their masterpieces in the Album, making their own digital picture book.

High-quality Smart-PA Speaker

Enhanced Sound Quality with Exceptional Precision

Experience an immersive audio experience with the advanced speaker featuring Smart PA technology. Delivering a harmonious blend of robust sound and precise details, this cutting-edge system ensures an impressive auditory experience for music lovers, video streamers, and avid gamers alike.

Faster Wi-Fi 6

Ignite the connectivity with the blazing speeds of Wi-Fi 6. Embrace the future as this next-generation technology, surpassing Wi-Fi 5 to elevate your browsing experience with faster speeds, broader signal coverage, enhanced signal penetration, and improved battery life.

Wi-Fi 6

2.4Hz/5GHz Wi-Fi

The Latest Android 13 OS

The newest Android 13 operating system revolutionizes stability and boosts overall performance, offering users an exceptional and effortlessly smooth experience at every touch.




5060mAh Large Battery

Experience Nonstop Fun

With the DOOGEE U9 KID tablet, your little ones can enjoy endless hours of entertainment without worrying about a drained battery. Please note that it only supports 10W charging.



255 Hours


18 Hours

Music Playback

4 Hours

Movie Watching

3.8 Hours


* The data comes from DOOGEE laboratory tests.

5MP Main Camera

Make Every Moment Last Forever

Not only can the DOOGEE U9 KID tablet captivates your little ones, but also empowers them to capture precious moments. With its remarkable photographic capabilities, children can now embrace the enchantment of recording and preserving those unforgettable memories.

2MP Front Camera

The DOOGEE U9 KID tablet is designed with precision and purpose. Whether you're using the tablet for educational purposes, keeping your child entertained, or simply enabling them to stay connected with loved ones, the high-quality camera ensures that every video call is a truly immersive experience.

Bluetooth Keyboard

Turn Your Tablet into a “PC”

The DOOGEE U9 KID tablet’s bluetooth keyboard provides smooth typing. You can power your tablet experience with precision.

* Bluetooth keyboard needs to be purchased separately.

Bluetooth Keyboard

Professional 64-key Design

2mm large key travel, 17mm large key distance, 14×14mm large keycaps, provide a comfortable feel.

1024-level Capacitive Pressure Stylus

Expand Your Creative Horizons

You can create the contents you like from your inner heart with the 1024-level pressure capacitive pressure stylus.

* 1024 Pressure Sensitive Stylus needs to be purchased separately.

Split Screen

Handle More Tasks in One Time

The DOOGEE U9 KID tablet enhances your multitasking capabilities effortlessly with the ability to seamlessly run two applications simultaneously.

Multi-device Interconnection

Enhance the Space

Project the tablet content onto a TV or computer for easier information sharing with others or bigger visual experience.

Package Contents

1* DOOGEE U9 KID Tablet
1* Charger
1* USB Cable
1* User Manual
1* Protective Silicone Case for Kids

KID-Series Comparison

Model U9 KID U10 KID T20mini KID
Dimensions 45.3*163.3*9.9mm 45.3*163.3*9.9mm 202.5*125.8*7.4mm
Weight 728g 738g 499g
Screen 10.1" IPS HD Display 10.1" IPS HD Display 8.4" FHD+ Display
Processor RK3562 / Quad Core RK3562 / Quad Core Spreadtrum T606 / Octa Core
RAM + ROM 7GB RAM (3+4GB) + 64GB 9GB RAM (4+5GB) + 128GB 9GB (4+5GB) + 128GB
Camera 5MP Main camera
2MP Front Camera
8MP Main camera
5MP Front Camera
SONY® 13MP Main camera
5MP Front Camera
Battery 5060mAh 5060mAh 5060mAh
OS Android 13 Android 13 Android 13
Network WiFi6 WiFi6 2.4G/5G
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