Magnetic Keyboard

Perfect Touch for High Work Efficiency

* This product is compatible with DOOGEE T30 Max.
More models will be supported in the near future.

Sleek and Effortless to Connect

Experience the future with our innovative magnetic docking connection, designed for seamless attachment of your tablet and keyboard. No more tangled cables as you power up wirelessly.





* Data comes from DOOGEE laboratory. Actual weight and thickness may vary depending on manufacturing process and measurement method.

Docking Smart Magnetic Keyboard

Keyboard to Boost Your Work Efficiency

Professional 78-key Design

Excellent Combiantion of Efficiency and Touch

Magnetic Connection

110° Adjustable Angles

Enjoy the Typing Delight

Experience typing bliss with our full-size large keyboard! Feel the joy of springy rebounds and familiar PC layout.


Key Travel


Large Keycap

Cater to Every Command With Ease

Effortlessly touch, swipe, drag, and drop to your heart's desire on a surface that's both agile and responsive. Dive into a world of gestures that enhance flexibility and convenience.

Intelligent Full-Domain Magnetic
Keyboard for One-hand Control

The new keyboard can be used in two forms. When the keyboard is attached to the tablet, they can instantly transform into a Laptop form. While in the studio form, users can write and draw much easily. Using this keyboard with DOOGEE T30 Max ensures more stable connection, more precise touchpad sliding, and lower typing latency.

Laptop Form

Studio Form

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