Experience Unparalleled Productivity

Light and Elegant Unibody Design | 11" 2.4K IPS Display
Up to 16GB RAM + 256GB ROM | 8580mAh Large Battery
Hi-Res Certified Quad-Box Speaker with Smart PA

Light and Elegant Unibody Design
11" 2.4K IPS Display
Up to 16GB RAM + 256GB ROM
8580mAh Large Battery
Hi-Res Certified Quad-Box Speaker with Smart PA

11" 2.4K IPS

Up to 16GB RAM
+ 256GB ROM

TÜV SÜD Low Blue
Light Certification

Dual SIM Cards &
Dual-Band Wi-Fi

Light and Elegant
Unibody Design

Powerful Octa
Core Processor

Android 13

- 13MP AI Main Camera
- 8MP Front Camera

11" 2.4K IPS

Up to 16GB RAM
+ 256GB ROM

TÜV SÜD Low Blue
Light Certification

Dual SIM Cards &
Dual-Band Wi-Fi

Hi-Res Certified Quad-Box
Speaker with Smart PA

8580mAh Large Battery

Widevine L1 Support

Accurate Navigation System

Light and Elegant
Unibody Design

Its revolutionary 7.6mm ultra-thin design embodies a fine balance between aesthetics and practicality, boasting a lightweight yet robust construction that guarantees durability and longevity.




506 g

7.6 mm

Its revolutionary 7.6mm ultra-thin design embodies a fine balance between aesthetics and practicality, boasting a lightweight yet robust construction that guarantees durability and longevity.

Elegant Round-sun Texture Design

Perfect Circular Design Remains Eternal Beauty

The camera frame of DOOGEE T30S is inspired by the eternal aesthetic of circles, symbolizing "vitality of the round sun, eternal beauty of your moment". The introduction of round-sun texture technology and micro nano lithography process fully demonstrate the meticulousness of production and the designer's pursuit of creative perfection, bringing you closer to the vivid and frozen moments of photography, showcasing a sense of refined luxury and elegance!

Ingenious Composite Backplate Design

DOOGEE T30S sales skyrocketed as soon as it hit the market, and received an overwhelming wave of positive reviews! Based on the design inheritance of T30 Pro, we have infused some fresh inspiration to take things up a notch for T30S! The back of T30S is made of a combination of aluminum and plastic composite panels. The aluminum gives a slick look and great grip, while the plastic adds color and lightness for easy travel.

High-quality Aluminum

Light Plastic

- Composite Backplate
- Lightweight Material
- Hand-touch Comfortably

11" 2.4K IPS Display

Ultra-thin Bezel

With the 11" 2.4K IPS display on DOOGEE T30S, you'll check your documents, presentations, and graphics in remarkable clarity and precision. Enjoy crisp text, vibrant colors, and the ability to multitask with ease. With a sleek and minimalistic bezel, DOOGEE T30S ensures that you can focus solely on the stunning display before you, unobstructed by bulky edges.



300 nit



Million Colors


Aspect Ratio




Screen-to-Body Ratio

Larger Size, More Details

The large screen makes details much clearer. Completing your presentation and discussion with ease while your business partners can easily browse every detail on your sharing files (like reports, graphics, and complex data) through the 85% screen to body ratio of DOOGEE T30S.

Real-time Office with Large Screen

Despite the larger display size, DOOGEE T30S with a 11" 2.4K IPS display can still maintain a sleek and lightweight form factor, making it highly portable for professionals on the go. It also allows easy access to essential business applications, documents, and communication tools from anywhere.

Higher Resolution,
Better Viewing

DOOGEE T30S ensures a high level of clarity and sharpness on the tablet's display. Users can enjoy crisp text, vibrant colors, and intricate details, making it perfect for immersive visual experience, such as watching videos, viewing images, or reading documents.

TÜV SÜD Low Blue Light Certification

Protect Your Precious Vision

With the TÜV SÜD low blue light certification, DOOGEE T30S minimizes harmful blue light emissions, ensuring that your eyes stay protected during those long hours of work or entertainment.

Widevine L1 Support

Immerse Yourself in High-definition Content

DOOGEE T30S enables the greatest quality streaming with Widevine L1 support, enabling you to watch your preferred films, programs, and videos in breathtaking clarity and without disruptions.

Hi-Res Certified Quad-Box Speaker with Smart PA

Elevate Your Audio Experience to a New Level

Every note and every word comes through with crystal clarity. DOOGEE T30S features Smart-PA quad speakers by Hi-Res that deliver exceptional sound quality, whether you're watching videos, video conferencing, or enjoying your favorite tunes.

Powerful Octa
Core Processor

Unleash the true power of multitasking and performance with our tablet's powerful octa core processor! Experience a seamless and lightning-fast user interface, perfect for all your gaming, productivity, and multimedia needs.

- Octa Core Processor
- 2x ARM Cortex-A75 1.6GHz
- 6x ARM Cortex-A55 1.6GHz
- Mali-G57 GPU

16GB RAM (6GB+Up to 10GB Extended RAM)

Handle Multiple Apps Running at Once

With up to 16GB (6+10GB) of RAM, you have the absolute power to handle multitasking and demanding apps seamlessly.

- 6GB Base RAM

- 10GB Extended RAM

- 16GB Max RAM

256GB ROM + 1TB Expansion Storage

Enjoy Unprecedented Storage Capacity

With the generous 256GB of internal storage, you can carry your entire digital world with you wherever you go. And when that's not enough, simply expand it up to 1TB to accommodate your growing data needs.


Base Storage


Expandable Memory

* 1TB TF card needs to be purchased separately.

256GB + 1TB Expansion

Dominate the Gaming Arena

With the advanced octa core processor, DOOGEE T30S makes it possible for you to experience unprecedented speed, quick loading times, and seamless multitasking, allowing you to switch between games, chat with friends, and stream content effortlessly.

8580mAh Large Battery

Power Through Your Workday

With its long-lasting battery life, DOOGEE T30S empowers you to stay focused, connected, and efficient all day long. From meetings to presentations, emails to multitasking, this tablet ensures that you can conquer your tasks without interruption.

780 Hours


36 Hours


23 Hours

Music playback

10 Hours

Video Watching

6 Hours


* The data comes from DOOGEE laboratory tests, which was meticulously tested while keeping the volume and screen brightness of DOOGEE T30S at a consistent 50%.

Support Reverse Charging

Share Power to Last Together

DOOGEE T30S has a great deal of battery power to share. You don't have to worry about carrying extra power supplies for other devices.

- Smartphone
- Smartwatch
- Wireless Earphone
- Others

Android 13

Running on Android 13, DOOGEE T30S provides a smooth and user-friendly interface, with the latest security features and updates, enhancing your overall smart experience.

Dual SIM Cards &
Dual-Band Wi-Fi

DOOGEE T30S supports dual SIM cards and dual-band Wi-Fi that allow you to connect to the world easily.

* Dual SIM Cards
* 2.4G + 5G ac Dual-Band Wi-Fi

13MP AI Main Camera

Capture Every Moment in Stunning Detail

The 13MP AI main camera is your ultimate companion for on-the-go productivity and creativity. Whether you're capturing important documents, or snapping high-resolution photos, this camera is your trusty sidekick.

Multiple Photography Features




Smile Shutter

Night Mode

8MP Front Camera

Your Private Meeting Room

The 8MP front camera is perfect for virtual meetings as you work from home. When you are not working, it is also perfect for staying connected to family and friends.

Accurate Navigation System

Your Ways Always in Your Hands

Our accurate navigation system ensures unparalleled accuracy, providing precise directions to your desired destinations.

GPS | Glonass | Galileo | Beidou | AGPS

Docking Keyboard

Turn Your Tablet into a “PC”

DOOGEE T30S can be connected with the docking keyboard for smooth typing and gestures. From typing to swiping, power your tablet experience with precision.

* Docking keyboard needs to be purchased separately.

Various Touch Gestures, Full Screen Control

5100mm² large touchpad, supports sliding, clicking, zooming, and other rich touch gestures.

Professional 64-key Design

2mm large key travel, 17.5mm large key distance, 15×15mm large keycaps provides a comfortable feel.

1024-level Capacitive Pressure Stylus

Expand Your Creative Horizons

You can create the contents you like from your inner heart with the 1024-level pressure capacitive pressure stylus.

* 1024 Pressure Sensitive Stylus needs to be purchased separately.

Split Screen

Handle More Tasks in One Time

DOOGEE T30S tablet enhances your multitasking capabilities effortlessly with the ability to seamlessly run two applications simultaneously.

Painting Copying

Learning Online

Gaming Chat

Working Online

Multi-device Interconnection

Enhance the Space

Project the tablet content onto a TV or computer for easier information sharing with others or bigger visual experience.

Package Contents

1* DOOGEE T30S Tablet

1* Type-C Cable

1* Charger

1* Anti-explosion Film (Posted on the Screen)

1* SIM Card Removal Needle

1* User Manual

1* Warranty Card

1* Packing Box

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