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Frequently Asked Questions
  • Where can I find drivers for connecting my PC and phone?
    You can install MTP USB driver in Windows.Please connect your phone to PC,open “Device Manager” and find the location of your phone and right click it,choose “update driver software”-”Browse my computer for driver software”-”Let me pick from a list of devices on my computer”-choose “MTP USB Device” in the list and click “Next”.
  • What can I do if I lost IMEI number?
    Please send email entitled "IMEI number enquiry" to support-service@doogee.cc, and state out your phone mobel. Our customer support will offer our best help.
  • How to check my IMEI number?
    Press *#06# on dial and IMEI numbers will be shown.
  • Why the sound(loudspeaker/microphone/receiver) is so weak in my phone?
    Please enter engineering mode(press *#*#3646633#*#* on dial) to modify some settings.Find the option “Audio”,you can see many sound option,such as “Headset mode” “Loudspeaker mode” “Speech enhancement”.Choose one of them according to your need and modify the value to a higher one.Note:Please do this carefully and do not change other setting,we are not responsible for damage caused by change setting arbitrarily.
  • How to use OTA to update Android system?
    Find “Setting-About phone-Wireless update-Check update”.It will show that your system is up-to-date after update package installed.
  • Why the storage reduces so quickly?
    It means you have installed apps in internal storage instead of SD card.Please check carefully and charge the preferred install location in “Setting-Storage”.
  • How to do a hard reset(factory data reset) if I cannot turn the phone on?
    Generally a hard reset can be done in “Setting-Backup&reset;-Factory data reset” when your phone can be turned on.If it is dead,please do this in recovery mode.Press Vol+ and Power buttons for more than three seconds,find “wipe data/factory reset”,click “Yes-delete all user data”.After this step,select “reboot system now”.
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