S97 Pro,Rugged phone

Professional Laser Rangefinder

Technology Changes The Way You Measure

The most primitive method of measuring distance has been the use of rulers, tape measures and other time consuming tools until the invention of the laser rangefinder. DOOGEE through its competent R&D department is setting new bars by being the first to incorporate it into a smartphone.

Supports 4 Measurement Modes

S97 Pro has 4 measurement features. With this features, any user can measure Length, Area, Volume and Pythagoras.

Waterproof,Dustproof & Shockproof

Built Rugged for Survivalists

Having passed rigorous and demanding standard tests such as IP68/IP69K Grade tests, DOOGEE S97 Pro has proven itself to be capable to handle any environment. It is not only resistant to splashes and drop but a bonafide MIL-STD-810G grade smartphone.

Strong Body,
Indestructible Construction

IP68/P69K is designed and built for harsh environment use. It has been tested in allconditions and is resistant to damage from dropping, water immersion and flushing as well as shock and impact.

Amphibious,All Terrain Support

IP68/IP69K is built for intensive outdoor use and most harsh environment. It has been tested in all conditions and is resistant to damage from dropping, water emmersion, flushing and shock and impact.

Extreme Temperature Environment

IP68/IP69K is built for intensive outdoor use and most harsh environment. It has been tested in all conditions and is resistant to damage from dropping, water emmersion, flushing and shock and impact.

MIL-STD-810G Certified

S97 Pro is build for various environments.S97 pro particularly excel under extreme environments

Samsunge® 48MP AI Main Camera

Capture Your Favorite Moments

The 48MP camera delivers an ultra high-resolution camera image.Zoom way into your photo and explore a shockinly clear new world.Caputre your stories in a captivating 4K recording.

8MP UItra Wide Angle Camera

130°ultra clear, ultra wide angle camera, one click panoramic view.

2MP Macro Shots

Discover a micro universe with macro camera.

16MP AI Selfie Camera

Captures minute details and focus on the beauty in you.

2MP Portrait Camera

Interprets your features and generates stunning selfies that showcase your best attributes.

4K Video Recording

DOOGEE S97 Pro allows you to shoot beautifully realistic 4K video with richer detail and smoother action, making it easier to shoot cinematic-quality video.

Showcase Your Photographic Skills

DOOGEE S97 Pro comes with a range of modes for your photographic genius.


Protected By Corning Gorilla Glass 5

6.39"Dot-display clearly contrasts light and shadow for a more true-to-life image. Discover the world in great clarity through the screen. Thanks to Corning® Gorilla® Glass, phones can be dropped from a height of up to 2 meters and remain intact, with increased resistance to scratches.

Fast Responsive Display

With a screen refresh rate of 60 GHz, display performance is extremely smooth, whether you' re playing games or browsing the web.A fast and responsive screen gives you a head start in all game.

60 GHz

UItra-high refresh rate


120 GHz

Touch sampling rate

Helio G95 Octa Core Chipset

Experience Brilliant Picture Quality And Speed Uplift For Rapid Gameplay

DOOGEE S97 Pro is powered by Helio G95 Octa Core Chipset which adopts a 12nm processing tecnology and powerful CPU architecture. It provides a powerful and stable user performance, smooth multi-tasking, seamless audiovisuals as well as maximum gaming experience.

Intelligent Extensive Cooling System

An intelligent cooling system combined with multiple temperature sensors allows it to quickly detect a heat source and act according to prevent overheating

Cooling Area

Multiple Temperature Sensors

8500mAh High Capacity Battery

Engineered To For The Most Energy Demanding Use

Whether you' re hiking, backpacking, or participating in any other outdoor activities, having your phone standing-by is a peace of mind. The DOOGEE S97 Pro is equipped with an above average 8500mAh battery with a standby time of 624 hours. It's able to accompany you during all your activities, almost over 3 days long.

Support 33W Fast Charging

Ready in Minutes

In just 1 hour, the 33W fast charge allows you to charge the 8500mAh battery to 55%, giving you a day's worth of power.

Support 10W Wireless Charging

Say Goodbye To Tangled Cables

The DOOGEE S97 Pro supports 10W wireless charging and 33W Type-C fast charging, saving you the hassle of dealing with cables-just drop your phone on a pad and watch the power level light up. No need to plug and unplug each time. It also keeps your table neater.

The wireless charging pad is not included in the package and should be purchased separately.

8GB RAM+128GB ROM Samsung® UFS Memory

More Storage,More Convenient

Powered by 8GB RAM and 128GB ROM, DOOGEE S97 Pro is capable of multi-tasking, streaming videos, and running even the most demanding games with ease.256GB of T-Flash external storage can definitely meet your storing needs. You can download your favorite games and apps or save important files and photos as you like.

Custom & Dedicated Laser Rangefinder Button

Our custom key is designed to give you greater control over the device. We then made a dedicated laser rangefinder button to activate your favorite feature without having to spend another second looking for the app.

GPS & Glonasss & Beidou & Galileo

More Is Better When It Comes To Satellites

The DOOGEE S97 Pro combines GPS & Beidou & Galileo advanced quad navigation system, offering a higher chances of getting a position fix and more accurate positioning. DOOGEE S97 Pro gives you the ideal location wherever you are and gives you a long battery life.

NFC+Google Pay

Enjoy High-Tech Life

NFC support transforms the DOOGEE S97 Pro into your credit card, access card, metro card and Anything the situation calls for. All you need to take when you step out the house is one phone for shopping, accessing, or paying.

Handy Toolkit With a Rich Set of Tools

DOOGEE S97Pro comes with a wide range of tools. You can find whatever tool you need on the DOOGEE S97Pro. It's just like a handy micro toolbox in your pocket.

The latest Android 11 Operating System

Protect Your Privacy

With the latest Android 11 operating system, it's easy to view important information and manage conversations, connected devices, privacy settings and more in a more convenient way on the DOOGEE S97 Pro.

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